to share, to inspire.

hello earthlings!

well.. i guess i just said hi to nobody. cause lets be real, who actually sees a nobody’s first blogpost?!

however, just incase somebody search on my name and ended up with this page.. that hello was for you. greetings to you bloggers and readers, please do guide and support me on doing this. the reason why i started this page and intending to post regularly is because people has been suggesting me to do so.

i have loved photography as long as i could remember, the one platform that i use to share my visual creations is obviously instagram. i often got a fulfilling feeling on posts that i think i do a good job on that i also share to people who doesnt have any instagram, yes they would always tell me to make a page of blog of my art. Im thinking to share mostly about travelling, fashion, and lifestyle in general; would you like that?

Afterall, social media grows with me. i have everything you could ask for: Insta, FB, Youtube, Twitter,, Snapchat. and why wouldnt i be on a blogger site right? well, im only hoping for a good start here; to share, to inspire. incase you’re wondering who the lady behind her laptop this is, click on




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