Saturday Apparel is going to be my weekly post on fashion.

why saturday? well it is the day that i usually put effort on wearing or trying something new. however these Saturday Apparel posts will not be up on the day im taking the photos on but rather a few days after it.

alright lets move on to the first Saturday Apparel!

Not much of a plan last saturday, i  was invited to a friend’s birthday party around the senayan area in Jakarta. the party was to start at 7 pm, avoiding the traffic i decided to chill at Plaza senayan with my sister and my cousin.

one of the happiest feeling i could get is being dramatic with what i wear and do on a rainy day. if i wasnt going anywhere i would be home with my oversized sweater and blanket, reading my favorite romance book, and have my scented candle on.

since we had to get out of the house, i decided to wear something fun to have those rainy feels. i had a pair boots i bought in Japan last January which i havent had the chance to put on, i thought what a perfect chance! so to go with the black boots, i wore my flare oversized black top and a blue jeans. pretty simple, but i love this look! what do you think?






Top: LM Hardware

Bottom: Pull and Bear

Boots: H&M

Bag: Kate Spade

Bracelets: Almas Beads

Earing: H&M






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