Japan has recently been one of the most visited countries for Indonesian. i’ve always loved the photos taken in japan that pops on my instagram feed by my favorite instabloggers. for someone who loves travelling more than anything, the country of sushi was obviously on my list but i didnt expect to go there anytime soon.

at around November 2015, my mum started sharing about her cousin who lives in Tokyo. he works as a representative of Indonesia in Japan for the biggest oil company we Indonesians know. i was suggesting my dad to go there for our end-of-year trip but i didnt expect anything. then.. Bang! on October we started working on our visas and paperwork, i then contacted my Japanese friend (Shout out to Shiiko Ito) to help me plan out the places to visit.

We finally left for Tokyo on December 22nd 2015. when i say “we” referring to my family, im talking about 6 people which includes dad, mum, my older sister, myself, my younger sister, and my youngest sister. yep, 5 ladies and 1 man *wink*.


Alright, lets move on into the Tokyo part. before i step into tokyo, people always tell about how high tech Japan is and especially Tokyo. I mean, its not that i dont believe it but i was sort of underestimating the infrastructure knowing that its an asian country. i was so impressed in what i saw, i can honestly say they have a better infrastructure than what i have seen in most European countries.

Tokyo is obviously one of the two most favorite places that i have stepped my feet on in Japan. i just love how modern the city is, the street style, the infrastructure, the people, and.. Shibuya! the only flaws i found in Tokyo was the train lines (too confusing) and how most directions are written in Japanese. other than that, i’m so in love with Tokyo. I have tons of pictures taken in Tokyo, let me share to you the highlighted things in Tokyo that i did.

  1. Ginza St


Ginza was the first place we visited after arriving, why? well its just basically shop-after-shop which wouldnt take us long for a casual night walk. we spent our first night here in ginza and also the tokyo tower. im not sharing the picture of tokyo tower cause it doesnt look as interesting in pictures.

2. 100 yen sushi


to all the sushi lovers out there, you will love this place! i mean.. cant you see all those empty plates? i am lost count of how many times we ate here. i know we also have this in Indonesia but trust me, the ingredients used in japan to make sushi somehow works so magically that your sushi will taste so much better. this place is love.

3. flower shops


you’re probably thinking what the hell. i love just how cute flower shops are in japan. most of what they sell are ridiculously expensive, but just the way they display the flowers with those candles and cones calms my eyes. i took this picture right when they open as you can see, this took me a 5 minute walk in the morning from my uncle’s house in Kohumbutsu. oh how i miss this.

4. Hachiko Statue


haha i love just how he doesnt like how i excited i was for christmas. im taking a picture with hachiko’s tail because look at just how crowded his front was back there.


just kidding, i got it! let me start with that cat though, i never liked cat cause they scare me but that cat is the most settled and lovable cat ever. it stayed there for the longest time and gets pet by everyone snapping. anyways.. for someone who loves dog a lot and shed a tear on the movie, looking at this statue was pretty special. it made me feel like i was experiencing the movie by being infront of the station where he waited.

5. Shibuya


the reason why people love Japan is because of the infrastructure. this goes to all photographers and everybody else who suck at taking pictures: anything you snap will look good in japan especially Tokyo. look at how cute this picture is!


Shibuya is my ultimate go to place in Tokyo to be honest, i would go here over and over again. its just that the place lets you see all kinds of sights Japan has. people are dead stylish in a whole different level, crazy advertisement and machineries you can see being lit, japanese and imported brands, and everything amazing. legit must go place.


this is a picture of mum and i in the middle of shibuya crossing. isnt it amazing how its so crowded and people bump into each other but they will always find a way out, thats how we need to think towards our problems dont you think? #beingpoeticallofasudden

6. Omotesando


the beautiful lady in the middle is Shiiko, a japanese friend who helped us plan out our trip. Omotesando is similar to Ginza, however they had the street fully decorated to greet christmas which was beautiful.



err.. alright. consumption wise, i have crazy love for matcha latte, onigiri, and sushi. i was actually expecting matcha latte to be available everywhere but it took me pretty long till i realized only Family Mart serves matcha latte. yes that FAMIMA CAFE you read refers to Family Mart. i swear they are super duper amazing, nothing beats the warmth of a matcha latte during a 5 degree Tokyo. I get to also try McDonald’s matcha latte after going around Harajuku, i have to say that it doesnt taste better than family mart’s though

8. Harajuku


yes i did go to harajuku street where people dress as comic characters and all, but it was just like how i expect it to be; a street full of people and small shops. Shiiko then came and took us to this mall building. we went to the top level where they have a starbucks with a garden sky view. we get to see the skyscraper at dawn on a freezing weather, one word: beautiful.

9. Odaiba City


This was based on a recommendation of my Japanese highschool teacher (shout out to Eddie Fujie). the place was madly beautiful, you get to see the beauty of the city above the sea by taking a walk along the beach. i looked up and saw birds flying around in groups, i looked down in the clear water and saw little fishes exploring.


we went to the other side with the ufo looking ship on the right.


this is the inside of the boat, it was super luxurious with a full white interior. im in love.


… and these girls are the cutest japanese. the twin were going with their dad, they forced their dad to get them ice cream which was pretty pricey inside the ship. but they got it and settled for the whole journey afterwards. i asked if i could get a picture of them as a memory.

9. Asakusa


so the ship from odaiba took us to Asakusa. the place is pretty cultural and touristic. the main attraction was a famous Shrine along with shops for tourists to get Japanese merch. and yes.. thats a picture of mum and girls in japanese constumes.

10. Roppongi Hills


this was the most special and a must go place at night. i personally feel like Roppongi Hills has so much more to offer than tokyo tower. this is basically a very tall building where art and science related events are held. at the very top you get to see a 360 view of Tokyo in night time. this building is taller than Tokyo tower as you can see in the picture above, which makes it much more worth to spend your money on than to go up to the top of tokyo tower. this was an amazing way to end a tiring day indeed.

Ps. free printed picture included 😉



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