this is the most recommended city to visit while we were in Japan and i have no complains. we took the Shinkansen train all the way from Tokyo for about 4 to 5 hours  and enjoyed a 2 night stay in a hotel named Traveler’s Inn which was perfectly placed across a museum and the biggest temple in Kyoto.

Kyoto is perfect for you who likes to see the cultural side of a country. I honestly enjoy less of the temples and rather love the walk we had around Kyoto. the city is super peaceful, i would say its the Solo of Indonesia. my favorite part of being in Kyoto was when we went through the village whereby Japanese Geishas are and also when we went to a night food market where they sell their traditional food and drink.

Oh not to mention! i love how cute their small shops are cafes are. nothing compares to seeing the warmth and cuteness of a cafe or shop when its freezing outside. i took some pictures which you may enjoy 🙂 here you go..

Traveler’s Inn



kyoto 3kyoto4

look at how beautiful the picture above is. thats a japanese lady in her japanese wardrobe on the left and on the right side is my mum with her hijab. shows how differences makes the world a lovely place to live.


Gion (Street of Geisha)


Cute Cafes & Shops


Food Market


Other Findings


look at what the guy above is walking on *gasp*


im posting this picture above last because its the most interesting one. so this man is dressed as his favorite anime character which he carries around, he keeps on looking at the character and he acted as if he was her. he blew kisses, wears a bow, and skipped around as he goes. super interesting!

hope you liked the pictures and stories 🙂


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