Good day!

first of all, i want to share what happened just now before i’m writing this. it is now raining like crazy and i had to send my dearest little sisters to their music class. getting the car out as my maid opened up the gate, my dog ran out of the house and nobody else realized. i drove fast to get closer to him and i….. got out of the car to catch him and take him back to the house with no umbrella. i am as wet as i can be head to toe now.

my dog is home, my sisters are safe and sound in their class now, and i’m writing this in a cafe looking like a homeless haha. i just thought its too funny not to share. alright moving on, its time for Saturday Apparel!

here’s a little throwback Saturday to my trip in Singapore few months ago. i enjoyed the day wearing this very fun looking outwear. the pictures were taken in the famous artsy lane of Singapore, “Haji Lane”. i was exploring with one of my closest friend Angie, and without realizing we met wearing navy blue. what a perfect coincidence! dont you agree, navy blue never goes wrong?!



Flare shoulder top: No Brand

Shorts: Cotton On

Sunglasses: Forever 21

Bag: Pull & Bear

Flats: SAGE



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