Who doesn’t love milkshake?!

my ultimate-top-super favorite flavour is definitely Strawberry. I’ve never had one quite like this before though. This beautiful looking strawberry with marshmellows on top happened during my trip to singapore.

one fine day my soon-to-be-graduating close friend and i took a nice walk around orchard, too tired of walking i asked her if she wants to go get some fresh drink. i was thinking to get some normal bubble drink or some sort but she wasnt. she then called a friend and ask for a good place to drink and brought me to The House of Robert Timms.

I thought it was too fancy for a thirsty throat,  so i said no. halfway passing the house of Robbert Timms she pulled my hand and drag me back saying she will treat me as a graduation gift. Ain’t she the sweetest?

i ordered Strawberry Whoopee and this what came to my table


Aside from their pricey price list, i have to say their service is pretty amazing though. the banana cappuccino my friend holds in the picture below has always been her favorite, she hasn’t come to Robert Timms for a while and turns out they erase the menu because of lack in demand. she asked the waiter for the menu and she nicely explained about how its not in the menu anymore and added “i can make it for you if you want though”. and there she have it.




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