Float on, Champ!

I stayed up the other night watching the live memorial of the Great Champ. the lined up invitees gave their speeches which leaves me in tears. I was amazed by how various beliefs, colors, nationalities gathered all together in honor of the great man very peacefully. Muhammad Ali is indeed someone close to a lot of people’s heart, including myself. So many thoughts went through my mind the next morning.

I realized i was never a fan of his power over boxing, i dont keep records on how many times has he won the heavy weight championships, nor have i ever watch his full length of match. however, i know i have watched most of his interviews and more or less have known who is the man that Ali is. I realized im a fan of the power he has over his believes, the power he has to stand his ground, and the power he has in putting thoughts in every move he makes.

in one of his late interviews, a boy asked him what he was going to do once retired. he explained very well about how human beings spend most of their time doing things that are unnecessary and how he wants to get himself closer to God, he then quoted “when you get old, your skin gets wrinkled and your body gets tired but your soul and spirit will always be there”

He became a boxer to proof that his color could do it too. He didnt want to leave his country to proof that he belongs there too. He converted to Islam to proof a man of his kind could also get a home wherever he goes. And afterall his love to God and humanity made him the chosen one to spread the word of Islam, a word that means peace.

I believe God has planned his life very well to keep happy eternally. For his critical thinking, for his passion, for his wins, for his effort to make peace, for his disease, and for his death. However, i believe his leave was also to remind us that we will not have any power if we don’t serve the greater power.

Differences make the world worth living. respect one another, spread love not war, and do something our souls believe in.
I know this is not something to put under any of my blog category but hey, i just needed to let it out of my heart and mind. may everyone going through Ramadhan be blessed and impacted, and may everyone else reading this show the Ali we have inside of us.

Float like a butterfly, and sting like a bee.



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