don’t you agree this outfit sort of makes me look like a human bee?

Saturday whereby my parents aren’t home. i was honestly too lazy to get out of the house, there were so many things that i could do at home including my thesis, blog, or cleaning up. the thing is.. just imagining the traffic that i have to go through just to go to a place gets me going crazy. so as i thought im just gonna stay home, there my little sister is bragging to go to the nearest mall to get donuts.

I can never say no to my littlest sister somehow. we took my oldest sister along to enjoy the sunset outside. thank goodness this mall doesn’t take any traffic and i love how they also have an outdoor seats for us to also get some fresh air. i took some pieces out of my closet to wear, and i ended up being a bee.


Top: Merona

Bottom: Color Box

Shoes: Hush Puppies

Sling bag: Stradivarius

Necklace: Almas Enterprise

Bracelet: Almas Enterprise



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