Dear Future Husband,

I may not know how you look like now, how much older are you, what nationality are you, or what kind of girl that you like. But there will be a time you and i realize that we are the ones to spend our lives with.

I may find it hard to live with a partner at first, cause i’ve been enjoying the queen size bed all to my self. But dont you worry, i would love to work it out cause you’re the one i decided.

I wont ask you much. I need us to love our children forever no matter what. I want you to let me be a career woman, let me grow as a person, support me along the way, and i will do the same.

I hope today you’re living your life, making as many friends, and making great photographs that you can share later on. I hope you will realize that this girl typing right now will be the greatest story to live with.

with love,



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