No Instagram in China

img_3915img_3928img_3940img_3961img_3974After 3 weeks of working, i get to leave for my first official business trip. GuangZhou, China. A place which gets my friend to ask “what? where?”, when you talk about holiday you would probably think of Shanghai or Beijing but since this is a work leave i was far from those places.

Although its a place not a lot of people know (at least the indonesians), Guangzhou is quite developed. way more developed than Jakarta, you get to experience pedestrian roads, subway, buses, clean air, etc. Its pretty funny to see how mocked China is by the people here where as they are far better in the country development and economy.

It was my 3rd visit to GZ. However, so much things have changed since my first visit back in 2006. All i know was that i was not going to be able to access google and its services, i thought everything else was going to be fine. i board the plane sending Line messages to my friends saying “dont send me any youtube link whatsoever, im not gonna be able to see. gotta go, i’ll text you when i arrive”. Arrived in China, Got Wi-Fi, Could not open Line, Instagram, Youtube, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter. Thank God for Indonesians and Path, I thought.

I began to think how poor these Chinese are for not being able to access what the world gets to see. the whole thing was bugging me the first 3 days, then i started to check my phone less. i started to get off of the world that has bugged me all these times, the media who ruled the way i see things. we become what we see, and all these celebrities and the way they live is not what everyone has to become. life afterall is not only about  how you enjoy things, its not always about beaches, sunset, and partying. there is hardwork behind all those.

I realized China is moving forward so rapidly  because everyone is focus to grow. everyone is into their field without  too much distraction. This gets them to meet the people within one industry and lets them face things to get inspired by doing what they do. in contrast, we here could work hard not looking any good for what we do, then we sign in to instagram and see Kendall Jenner looking all flawless riding her range rover.

Instagram and Google have been such a big help to be honest, it lets me express my love for photography as well as helping me finding out things nobody else knows. What im saying is that these shall not rule us, we become what we watch is something i really believe in. we are responsible of who we want to be, which means we are responsible of the content we pressed our fingers upon.







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