Mudly in Love

05112016 a group of friends and i decided to go on a roadtrip to experience Indonesia’s so called the first forest festival in Bandung. one day before the event, with two cars we left the city highly excited.

Started off our arrival in Bandung with a huge size round of pizzas from Pizza e Birra as our dinner and a live band as our dessert. My sister and i then went to our cousin’s and the rest went to their rented stay to rest ourselves. The sun rises up and reminds us it was the day to have fun, its the day to enjoy Kodaline, Jasmine Thomson, Keith Ape, Naxxos, Teza Sumendra, MYMP, Maliq and The Essentials, Etc.

Rain started to pour down towards the afternoon, the road to the venue started to fill up, and i felt the signs of something bad. almost all of us got the early entry tickets which says entrance should be before 3pm or else we’ll have to pay way more. The rain was pouring at its heaviest as we were all stuck in traffic to the venue at 2.30pm. Everyone in the car was panicking, till the event finally inform through their Instagram that the entry time was postponed.

at 4, we finally got out of the car boots and shorts ready. entering the venue, i started to see people getting mud all over their shoes. some very white expensive sneakers i thank i didnt put on. and there we were, Lalala Festival. A Festival full of mud, everyone was struggling to walk, people were sliding here and there, looking no more fancy with the ootd they wished they could put on.

I myself was kind of pissed of how much struggle we had to go through just to watch some gigs, but i realized how precious the experience was. in the cold cold night, nobody cares of how each other looks anymore since everyone was covered in mud, dancing and enjoying beautiful acts in a way we never would experience ever again.


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