turned 22 on november 23rd 2016.

the perks of being employed is that you stopped getting to celebrate it the way you did in uni. the way how every birthday would feel special as you walked into the morning class. either you get a smirky smile from your best friend, getting the whole class to sing, getting birthday hugs, getting your friends pretending to forget just to surprise you, etc. now all those has to stopped as you no more walking into a class but rather into an office.

i didnt feel happy enough on the day i turned a year older, although i did get a surprise planned by my man (which was the sweetest thing ever) but i wanted the hugs and smiles of my friends to make me feel they’re still around. so 2 weeks later, what i did was planning a little get together with my closest friends from campus to watch a movie. i booked a mini private theatre & prepared snacks and drinks.

It turned out to be so fun and heart warming. sometimes a party do not need to be so fancy, its the time together that you have to make sure will be worth sharing. A room of movie with my other 6 favorite people was the way to go.





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