BBA Checked. What Now?

Arent you gonna ask What Now after i share this post? Thats the question I ask me too, every single damn day.

Dec 14th 2016. I get to wear my graduation suit for the first time. The only reason why im highlighting the fact that I have only wore it once is because in schools of Indonesia, you get to be graduated with a suit on your 6th, 9th, and also 12th grade. I didnt because when i was suppose to be graduating in 6th grade I was accompanying my dad in his business trip, on my 9th grade i moved school and the school just somehow dont graduate their 9th graders, and when i decided to take a foundation program for my 12th grade which obviously has no graduation.

Ive always wanted to wear them though, So it felt so special when i wear it on a real bachelor graduation. Well anyways, I received my Degree as  a Bachelor of Business Administration as they called my name to the stage that day. I was at my happiest the whole day. not until i had to leave the campus that night after spending time with friends though. I realized things are never gonna be the same the moment i drive home from campus this time.

I had to leave people i used to see every single day, I wont get to mingle or go somewhere after class, I wont get to jam with friends, I wont get to discuss my ideas in class with the lecturers, I wont get to learn intensely or just sit and pretend to listen when im dead sleepy, I wont get to run to the mall at the back of the campus when i want to eat or buy snacks, I wont get to be yelled hi by my juniors in the hallways, I wont get to hear new gossips, I wont get to do all these amazing things i used to do anymore now. I realized if i could turn back time, i would do it all over again.

I still remember clearly the first day I came to IPMI Intl Business School, All parents and students were invited and told that we needed to be moved to some other campus because the number of students enrolling were too little. My father raised his voice for us to be enrolled still as he has thought though about the distance, safety, and good name of the school. after a long debate, the ipmi management decided to permit themselves out of the room to discuss. Niclas Adler (Former CEO of The School) came back to the room after 15 minutes of discussion, He told us he will enroll us to be the pilot project of the school’s transformation.

There we were, being the 7 pilots. our first semester was confusing. no detail modules, no specific goals of projects, etc. One of us decided to leave after 2 months, another one left after 6 months. 4 of us made it to be a bachelor, and the other one will hopefully make it next year. Its so crazy what 4 years meant to us all, especially the 5 of us who went through it till end. We lived in Finland together, 3 of us travelled Europe together, We interned together,  We did multiple projects together, etc. At this very moment I couldnt imagined how my college days would be like without them.

Nothing would’ve happened without having my dad told me to come back from singapore to pursue my uni in Jakarta, Without him telling me to take business as a major and enroll to the known business school in town, Without having my mum telling me to focus on getting experience, Without having her to tell me to stay strong during my toughest days of internship, Without having both of them keep me in their prayers every single day. I owe it all to them.

This is not the end of my journey. What now? maybe projects / career, more education, or possibly both. I dont know ❤

Yours Truly,

Nazneen Judge, BBA.






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