Gelato Lovin’

A fine day it was that the 5 of us travelled from Solo to Jogjakarta. A one and a half hour drive that lets us see rice fields and people with the most peaceful minds gets us to the heart of Jogjakarta. The city that is known for its cultural history now has more to see; endless count of cafes, known universities, malls, and lots of tourists. The crowd bores me if i had to stay more than a day, but this particular day was the perfect amount to spend for.

The plan was indeed to visit the famous market called Malioboro, God’s will gets us to Tempo Gelato instead because of the rain. The new ice cream cafe that is not new for most jogjakartans, but sure worth the visit for a local tourist like me. The cafe has a lack of parking space that we had to go to three different restaurants to try parking, we ended up getting a spot infront of a minimarket.

The cafe has an open space with a historical/retro feels inside it which is beautiful. with Rp.25.000-Rp.30.000 you get to have 2 different flavors of Gelato with the best taste. I know I know, God bless javanese prices! And so there we were, enjoying our rainy afternoon at gelato coffee talking about beautiful things.


Lots of Love,






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