A Charm named Bruno.

It feels like it was just yesterday that i met a beautiful soul named Bruno. He was One year old when he made his first step inside the house being adopted, 16th of January 2010. Bruno was owned by a good friend of mine, however her family didn’t quite like having a dog at home and so we were the happiest to be handed over.

He was originally named Alegro, however we renamed him cause he suits Bruno more. He came super young and over energized. Unlike other Golden Retrievers (or dogs), Bruno only had one testicle which made him very active. We had to call a trainer to make him a bit under control. The trainer didnt quite make him calm but he did make Bruno as a smart trained dog, he knows how to behave and to listen to us the family. He followed instructions to sit, lay down, shake hand, stay, stand up, etc. Indeed, he was a a brilliant buddy.

Not everybody could take Bruno for a walk, his energy could sometimes hurt the walker. I tried to walk him outside several times and it never ended up good. As soon as he sees another dog or species like cats, chickens, or birds he would drag the walker towards the species and we’ll end up bleeding being dragged on the road while trying to stop him. Our yard is pretty big for him to run around, however he sometimes still wants to explore more about the outside since he was not walked as often.

One time during the Ramadhan, my whole family was to go to the mosque except for me. I was having one of those masker nights at home. It was raining when i opened up the gate for the family to go out, not realizing bruno was in the yard being excited. I opened up the gate and suddenly a flash of bruno ran out of the gate. My reflect was to run after him right away and i didnt even bring his binder. He ran inside this housing estate, and the security directed me of where he went. I followed the direction whole calling his name and there were little kids telling and following to where he went.

And there he was, barking and standing at a bird in a cage. Oh boy. I tried to stop him and he ran around again in the estate, all these kids were following me. I hugged and stopped him, he was calm for a minute then there was this black cat who just happened to pass by. and there Bruno goes again, dragging me towards the cat in the rain and dark. we were somekind of show to the kids i bet. lol. I realized i should have brought his binder. My father then came with an umbrella and binder. Thank goodness there goes the show stopper. I came home bleeding here and there again, went to the toilet to clean the mess and i realized i had a mask on the whole time.

He was too precious for me to get mad at though. despite the little mess he makes outside the house, he’s the best inside the house. Bruno has some kind of a special personal connection to each member of the house. To me personally, he never makes me feel alone. He was the one who teach me to believe and that i don’t have to go through things alone.

As crazy as it may sound, He’s the one i come to to share my problems when no human beings are there for me. He would sit still, look at me and listen somehow. He would come to my office just to sit next to me, he doesn’t mind not getting a drink and sometimes not even a stroke on his body. but he would stay there next to me. he might feel loved but i feel so safe and not alone every time he’s around.

Bruno would be the one who accompanied me working although its way passed lunch time, he would wait for me to be finished in front of my office door to finally have his lunch. he chases me every night after i finish my dinner to get his. he strokes my thigh every night to get caress and love. he would sit still next to me when i pray, he would bark in front of my door when thunder’s around, he would just be there at all times.

Im crying for every word of this article, every one of them reminds me of him. His loving, charming, beautiful soul. Bruno, i have fallen deeply in love the first time i saw you, and i am still deeply in love with you now that you’re gone.



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